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Sasquatch Acre no longer produces vegetables in Portland, OR. Keep an eye out for us in Austin, TX, though!

Sasquatch Lives On Via Satellite


Sasquatch Acre is non-profit 501-c(3) land trust committed to preserving land inhabited by the endangered – and legendary – Sasquatch.

Actually, we grow Organic Vegetables! Located on Sauvie Island, OR, Sasquatch Acre strives to provide North Portland with ultra-local, organically grown, fresh vegetables. Growing everything from heirloom tomatoes to complex mesculin mixes, we take pride in providing our customers (and fellow human beings) with nutritious, delicious fruits and vegetables.

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For those who’ve meandered out to Sauvie Island, you understand its beauty. Staggering. Only 15 minutes from downtown Portland, this island feels like a geographic and cultural worm-hole with most of its land lightly developed, used for agricultural purposes. The land is filled with nutrients, renowned for its fertility in the Northwest.

Sasquatch Acre is located on a 1-acre plot, leased from Bella Organics. This will be our first year on this particular plot of land, and we are excited – and are in fact currently in the process of – intimately familiarizing ourselves with this micro climate. Birds from dozens of different families criss cross the sky. The hills of Forest Park in the distance. On a clear day, Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams can all be seen. The worms percolate from the ground on wet, dark days.

But we’re here to grow some tasty veggies, dammit. That’s what we shall do.

For 2010, we plan on selling our vegetables to restaurants and at a couple of Farmers’ Markets. We’re still in the process of solidifying these outlets. Any of these outlets looking to purchase veggies from us should feel free to contact us at anytime at . We are considering starting a CSA in 2011. Information will be posted once coming to light.

Why We Are Awesome:

- We are ultra-local (Sauvie Island, OR), just outside Portland.

- We farm one acre of Organic ground, growing close to 100 varieties of vegetables and flowers. Interplanting a myriad of varieties such as this accounts for 99% of our pest control. This also suppresses a lot of unwanted diseases.

- The only spray we use for pest control is organic, bio-degradable dish soap. And we only use this when aphids are really out of control.

- We’re Organic! We use all organic fertilizers, soil mixes, and compost to increase soil fertility. We also use exclusivley organic seed from reputable, local companies.

- We farm largely by hand! We weed everything by hand – our most natural herbicide!

- We practice low-tillage methods on our land. This increases soil bio-diversity and fertility. We do one deep till in spring (using a subsoiler), but don’t till again until the following year.


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